Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ps3 games

Ps3 games are best games in the world. Ps3 made by sony, sony investment a lot of  money for game sector. Play station has got 3 consols there are ps1, ps2 and ps3. We speak about ps3 today. First ps3 consol made 5 years ago, a lot of people wait and give a lot of money to buy ps3 consol. First ps3 consol was sale in Japan. Most popular ps3 games are pes series, god of war, infamous, nba series, call of duty and crysis. Some games for child, some games are for teen, a lot of category and games can play by ps3 consol. My idea is best consol is ps3 consol in the world. But ps3 games are very expensive one minus is that. İ buy ps3 games which one is cheap, sony company sell game cheap so players buy game easy than now. A lot of ps3 fancier wait ps4 but sony say ps3 life is 10 year so we must wait 4 year.

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